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Twin Cessna aircraft have complex systems and power plants. The best owners and pilots have an intimate knowledge of how their airplanes are constructed and how they operate. Join fellow Twin Cessna pilots, owners and maintenance technicians to obtain detailed knowledge about your engines and systems. It will make you a safer pilot as well as allow you to operate your Twin Cessna more cost effectively. Over 1000 owners and operators have attended these seminars. The seminar covers all Twin Cessna systems, from the earliest 310's through 421's. You will also receive a comprehensive Systems and Operational Procedures Reference Manual packed with valuable information.

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Click Here to view a 414 emergency gear extension
demonstration conducted during a recent seminar


September 24 - 27, 2020
TAS Aviation, Defiance, OH (KDFI)

November 5 - 8, 2020
Las Vegas Henderson Airport
Las Vegas, NV (KHND)

The Twin Cessna Flyer Seminars
The Twin Cessna Flyer Seminars

June 10, 2017: Jimmy Stewart 310 Dedication
Indiana, PA

Cuba Air Journey Pictures

Alaska Air Rally
June 1 - 13, 2015

In talking to a lot of the folks, especially the new ones, one theme emerged. Everyone was surprised at how much they learned during the three days. It ranged from the great presentations, to conversations with vendors, and most of all to conversations with other attendees. In other words, virtually everyone I talked to got more from attending the convention than they expected to. That was even true for me and this was my third convention!

2017 Fly-In Convention
Tucson, AZ May 17 - 20

Arizona Flying Attractions Articile

2016 Fly-In Convention
April 28 - 30 in
Charleston, SC!

2015 Fly-In Convention May 28 - 30 Colorado Springs CO

Featured Speakers: Hon. Robert L. Sumwalt - NTSB, Brian Shul - Author & SR71 Pilot, Doug May - VP Textron/Cessna, John Collins - Avionics Consultant, BJ Ransbury - President APS Upset Training, Dr. Paul Buza - Hypoxia Expert, Steve Miller - Textron Sr. Accident Investigator, Tony Saxton - TTCF Director of Tech Support, Jim Laster - Garmin Avionics and more

2014 Fly-In Convention Highlights

June 11 - 14, 2014
Chateau-on-the-Lake in Branson, MO

Featured Speakers: Dr. Earl Weener, NTSB, Dr. David Strahle - The Miracle of Nexrad, Joe Hepburn - SVP Textron, Steve Miller - Sr. Accident Investigator, Textron, Tony Saxton - TTCF Tech Advisor, George Braly - GAMI, Jerry Temple - JTA, Creighton Scarpone - Garmin and more

Recent Events

Classic 310 Fly-In Movie

The Twin Cessna Flyer 2013 Fly-In Convention

Double Tree by Hilton Wichita , Kansas June 27 - 29, 2013

Featured Speakers
Dr. Mark Rosekind-NTSB, George Braly-GAMI, Eric Eliel-RTI, Andrew Knott-TBMOPA, Steve Miller-Cessna, Tony Saxton-TAS, Jerry Temple-JTA, Bob Thomason-TTCF

Vendor Exhibits
Come and visit with many of The Twin
Cessna Suppliers

Radar Course, Managing Fatigue,
Accident Review, Technical Issues,
ADSB, Wireless Cockpit, 100LL Update,
Market Conditions and more

Companions Activities
Tour, Cooking Class, Pinch Hitter Course,
and more

Visit Our Supporters

RAM Aircraft, LP - RAM Aircraft, Providing the Highest Quality OHE Engines, New and PMA-New Parts, and Propellers for Your Aircraft.
Garmin Industry-leading electronics for pilot communication, navigation, ATC surveillance and hazard avoidance
AirCraftsmen, LLC is a full service maintenance facility for general aviation aircraft. We specialize in maintenance, repair and avionics for piston engine airplanes with a focus on complex single-engine, twin-engine and experimental aircraft.
Flite Electronics Is the Top Rated Flight Panel Display Designer and Installer in the Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas Area.  We are Avionics Specialists , with new or used Avionics, GPS and Radio Gear.  We are located at Addison Airport, fly on in and visit with us.
DFW Aero Mechanix - DFW Aero Mechanix, Inc. is a premier maintenance facility located at Dallas Addison Airport (KADS) since 1991. We specialize in maintaining and upgrading corporate aircraft including the Beechcraft King Air series, Cessna Citation jets, and Cessna piston twins.
We put you in control of any problem that you may encounter so that recovery from that problem becomes second nature. We help you gain the ability to get you to a safe landing or to keep you from getting into more trouble until you can review the emergency checklist.
Jerry Temple Aviation

Established in 1983, Tom's Aircraft has earned a worldwide reputation in General Aviation Aircraft Sales, Service, and Parts. Our facility is a Factory-Authorized Service and Parts Center for Cessna Aircraft Company’s complete line of propeller aircraft; from the latest 162 SkyCatcher to the utilitarian line of Caravan Turboprops.
 J.P. Instruments has added a whole line of reliable and cost effective aircraft instrumentation to its name. Among these are engine data management systems, fuel flow gauges, and GPS moving maps. Pilots and mechanics alike have come to know JPI for its high quality, good service, and utmost reliability.

Recurrent Training Center - Single & Twin Piston Pilot Training – King Air Pilot Training Specialists
Located at Defiance County Airport (DFI) offering routine and specialized maintenance for Cessna twins since 1976.
Aircraft Performance Modification, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality products and services designed to promote aviation safety and preserve fuel and resources while respecting pilot/owner time and knowledge.
Preferred Airparts is a leading supplier of aircraft parts from puddle 
jumpers to jets, including rotor wing.
Genesys Aerosystems provides industry-leading S-TEC autopilot solutions for Part 23 and Part 25 airframes.
Our 10,000 square foot hangar and 5,000 square foot office are designed to complete your service quickly and efficiently. Double M Aviation’s owner, Mike Naab has 20 years of experience in general aviation maintenance along with a staff of highly qualified and experienced A&P’s with 23 years combined aviation experience.
Micro AeroDynamics, Inc. is a small company located in Anacortes, Washington that develops and markets Vortex Generator modification kits for light general aviation aircraft.

Thank you for your interest in PowerPac aircraft Spoilers. Spoilers are available for a wide variety of pressurized general aviation piston airplanes. More than 63 aircraft models are currently approved, including Beechcraft Baron and Beech Duke, Piper Aerostar and Malibu Mirage, and the Cessna 300 and 400 series aircraft.