The Twin Cessna Technical & Safety Information

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FAA Airworthiness Directives (AD'S)

For a complete list of AD's pertaining to a particular airplane, contact your maintenance facility. Only selected AD's are listed here.
AD2018-03-03 (400 Series Spar Inspections)

Analysis of AD 2018-03-03 (400 series wing spar)

AD2017-06-03 Stewart Warner/Southwind Heaters

AD 2016-16-12 (ECi Cylinders)

AD 2016-17-08 (Elevator Trim Hardware)

Proposed Southwind Heater AD

AD 2014-03-03 (Icing Placard)

CLICK HERE for an AWC regarding ICING

Exhaust AD 2000-01-16 Compliance Update Clarification

2011-25-51 Emergency AD Starter Adapter CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the "List of Models Affected by Proposed Twin Cessna Icing Placard AD - (from Cessna MEB97-4)"

CLICK HERE for the "Proposed Twin Cessna Icing Placard AD"

CLICK HERE for access to the FAA site for AD's

FAA Safety Information

FAA Cordless Tool Presentation

FAA SAID NE-18-16(Gear Driven Alternators)

SAFO 17011 (Runway Status Lights)

SAIB CE 18-07 (Exhaust V-Band Couplings)

FAA SAIB-NE-17-11 (Kickback)

AMOC Letter for MEB 27-02

Frayed Flap Cables - SAIB CE-13-27 Click here

Dealing with Fog, Freezing Precip, and other Nasties from the North - FAA Safety Briefing Ice May June 12

Piston pin bushing material being found in engine sump and oil filter on certain CMI series engines. - SAIB-Piston Pin Bushings 11-12

Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins - SAIB 421 Prop Separation

STEC Autopilots and Rudder Trim Tab Blocks SAIB CE 11-29

Glareshield Safety SAIB

402C HYD PRESS Indication

402C - Main Landing Gear CE-10-48

Twin Cessna Icing ce-11- 18-1

FAA SAIB on Maneuvering Speed

FAA Safety Info on Min. Crossing Altitudes for Step Down Fixes

Manufacturer Service Bulletins & Information

RAM Aircraft PMA

Manufacturer Service Bulletins

MEB 95-9(Heater Fuel Line Replacement MEB 95-9(Heater Fuel Line Replacement

MEB04-1 (Heater Fuel Lines 400 series)

McCauley ASB273B (Prop Governor)

Cessna MEL 61-1 (McCauley Prop Governor)

RAM - Protect Your Engine

Continental CSB05-8C (Camshaft Gear)

Cont SB16-6(Kickback)

MEB 27-02 (Elevator Trim Hardware)

MEB97-4 (Icing Placard)

S-TEC 55X Pitch Problem Troubleshooting Guide

TCM SB07-1- Connecting Rod Piston Pin Bushing Inspection


TCM SB03-3 (Cylinder Inspection/Testing) CLICK HERE

TCM CSB09-11 (Min Cruise RPM) CLICK HERE

MSB11-4 Mandatory Starter Adapter Inspection CLICK HERE

TCM SB 90-11 Torsional Vibration CLICK HERE

TCM SB 96-11B Hydraulic Lock CLICK HERE

MEB 10-3 Wing Spar Inspection Affects all Twin Cessna Aircraft with electromechanical gear CLICK HERE

Camshafts & Lifters CLICK HERE

To overhaul or reseal McCauley Prop

NTSB Information

2015 NTSB Convention Presentation

2014 NTSB GA Safety Recommendation

NTSB GA Saftey Alerts March 2013

Nexrad Safety Alert

Risk Factors in Weather Accidents Study - Click Here

TTCF Documents

UK to Trinidad
Tech Advisor's Comments on Heater AD2017-06-03
TTCF Explanation of AD 2016-16-12 (ECi Cylinders)
Latest Info on AD 2016-07-24 & MEB27-02
Alaska Weather Flying Notes
Prevent Misfueling
The ABCs of FAA Enforcement Actions
TTCF Response to Proposed ECi AD - Feb. 15
KFC 225 Autopilot GPSS
KFC 225 and G600 FD Scaling
TTCF Response Proposed ECi Cylinder AD
NBAA Twin Cessna Flight Ops Manual
Twin Cessna Flyer Flight Risk Assessment Tool
A Flight from the Landing Gear's Perspective
Landing Gear Troubleshooting

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